Fairy Tale

Photo By: Carrie

Shine softly draped
in whimsy and delight calmly
enjoying the morning dew

drips soaking thoughts
still smoldering through the night
thick golden air warms
slowly strand by strand lighting
the shadows highlighting the beauty

often forgotten within
the moons twilight


  1. Carrie, I click on your blog thinking, “I wonder what wonderful photographs await me this week and leave thinking, “Carrie’s poem extended and deepened her photograph.” That’s quite a trick you pull off — every single time!

    1. Ahh, well…I am glad to know you read the poems and find meaning in the words. I really am. I love this horse! I see her/him every morning when I drop my boys off at school. What a sight to start my day. Thank you for your continuous support Janet, I have quite a story to share…hopefully I will get it down this week!

    1. I thought about you while I was taking this image, Cybele. Really! I was sad that the horse wasn’t facing me or in a better position at first but after looking at the images when I got home I think there is a mystery to it that I like. Thank you! It means so much coming from you 🙂

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