Life: In Flight

Photo By: Carrie (Heading North from Anchorage)

I feel like I have been away from this platform for long enough. Yet, it has been so long that I don’t know what to share first or how to begin.

The past summer and into these fall months have been so full. Not busy and frantic or anxious and whizzing by. They have been full of hope, love and so much learning. It has been beyond a recharge, more like a shift into a greater understanding of my needs and my families as well.

There was a two-week road trip, driving more than 1600 miles with my family. We learned a lot about each other and saw some incredible scenery. I participated in a 5 day women’s retreat in Portland, OR that was life altering. We went camping in the beautiful redwoods and at Lassen National Park. And I decided about a month before race day that I wanted to run the Equinox Marathon in Fairbanks, AK with my wild long-time friend. So, I trained hard and had an incredible experience running through the fall colors and snow coming down in a place that I used to live and love dearly.

Finally, we have bought a home! We get the keys this Sunday. What a thought, that we will have a permanent address again after this lengthy transition. It is fitting in many ways, we are feeling more settled here each week that passes. I can hardly let myself think of what it will feel like to walk through the threshold of our home, together as a family, knowing it is ours and we will be living there for a long time. I can’t wait to introduce myself to the redwood clusters and beautiful apple tree on our property and give them assurance that I will watch over them patiently.


    1. Thank you! Finding a place to call home has been a challenge for many years. I am so thankful to feel like I have found somewhere to stay put for a long while. It is so exciting 🙂

  1. Oh Carrie, it sounds like you are refreshed and looking into the future with promise.
    Congrats on purchasing your home. Wishing you much happiness and I know you will make happy memories xx

    1. Yes, interesting! It is our 3rd house in 5 yrs. I am tired of moving, packing, settling. Looking forward most to knowing this is where we are for a long time and feeling really happy about that. Finding those special places on the walls for our favorite things is always fun too. Thank you, Louise.

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