Unconditional Love

Take Your Breath Away.


Tucked away, safe and cozy in your house

It is hard to live, when you play it safe.

To live is to soar, to wander, to explore, to fall, to fail, to get up and continue on.

Listen, you hear it, the calling of the wilds, it is louder than ever…

Haunting, guiding, honed in, comforting

Embrace it, honor it, this part of you that shines so bright as you drift to sleep in the dark.

Soon enough (if not already) it will keep you up, haunt your sleep, offer no solace

It drums in the dark reminding you who you are, no need to run except into the light, where you feel lighter, open, happy, free

Free to fully be, not just safe, unattached, numb, without a choice

There is always a choice, you will always have a choice. To choose to love yourself, all of you, unconditionally

Then, only then, will the wilds give way and you, all of you, will take your breath away.