Train Tracks

One Four Challenge: July Week 4

Photo By: Carrie (please click on image for full effect)

Well I made it, a few days late but I am okay with that. I hope you are too. My new computer finally arrived and I was quick to get it set up. I have really missed the creative outlet of image processing and the writing that follows. It feels so good to be back at it. (more…)

One Four Challenge: July Week 3

Photo By: Carrie (Be sure and click on this image for the full effect)

I’m a little late to the party this week, sorry. I was finally able to eek out one more version of this image today from my failing laptop. My new, robust desktop arrives in a couple of days. My goal is to get it up and running in time for week 4. (more…)

One Four Challenge: July wk 1

Photo By: Carrie

I must apologize for not posting in the last week of June. My family and I decided, rather last-minute, that we were going to take a 14 day road trip. We are just back from our trip, it was a wonderful way to kick of the summer. (more…)