The Birdwatcher

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Arcata CA

I can’t stay away from this place for too long. There is always something new to see here. My boys love it here too. So, they run like wild puppies, climbing over every rock and running with the runners trying to get some exercise. They know I will take my time, so they circle back again and again. Never getting too far out of view, their shrills always give away their location. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

This is the view as I leave the community forest, the trail back to my car always leads me here. There is a voice inside my head urging me to stay. I always hesitate, my gate slowing down when I come to this moment in my hike. It is an unreal view that is very hard to leave. Like the trees have band together making a wall, protecting me from the rest of the world. (more…)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Photo By: Carrie

James Irvine Trail, Prairie Creek Redwoods S. P.

The urge to climb is often more than your grounded feet can bare. (more…)

Looking Closer

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

I find myself looking deeply into the tiny details of a given moment, I can easily get lost. I notice this happens when I have my camera near me as well. I don’t look at my surroundings in the same way. My thoughts go quiet, I actually hold my breath, I have no idea how much time has passed, how many photographs I have taken. Most of the time one or both of my sons have moved on, around a bend in the trail, it is almost always time to catch up when I finally look up. (more…)