The Smith River

One Four Challenge- January wk 3

Week 3 is here, I am enjoying working with this image. This week, I wanted to try a black and white image but I went a route I have never done before. I used two different programs to get to this result. I was looking to make a black and white pencil drawing or even charcoal sketch, and I think I may have achieved that (Click on the image for the easiest viewing). (more…)

Winter Layers

Photo By: Carrie

The Smith River, Gasquet CA

I have heard of painters and photographers say that they saw their piece in its finished state before they started making it. I have always thought what a gift that must be, to know what you are going to create before you do. I figured this only happens to others but, as I stood on the riverbank, taking in the incredible sight I was surrounded by, this image flashed before me. I had not taken a photograph yet. (more…)

One Four Challenge- January wk 2

The Smith River, Gasquet CA

Okay, time for week 2’s version of this image. I started playing in FotoSketcher, I love that program by the way, and quickly found that there were many directions I could go. For some reason, this image lends itself well to the virtual art textures. (more…)