The Sierra Nevada

WPC: Rise/Set

Tree silhouettes tip toeing
to the skies while the quietness envelopes
the wilderness once more
no brilliant hues needed

to get to the point the day this day
is coming to an end
where you may find
yourself connecting the dots to the hours (more…)

MMC- High

I’ve already shared this image a few months back (in color) and I have wanted to try a black and white edit for some time. I thought the vein in the rock coupled with the reaching clouds makes for an interesting arrangement. But, when I tried this in Lightroom it didn’t pop like I thought it would. Something was lost and a lot of the detail was missing. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Photo By: Carrie (Rock Creek Wilderness, The Sierra Nevada)

Held easily with

the ground never lets go
solid rock
firm unwavering stillness

ready plant your feet bare
naked toes vulnerable and trusting (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Photo By: Carrie

The High Sierra Nevada is like a parallel universe. It exists as it is, dynamic and full of profound beauty. Ready and waiting for me to walk among its towering ridge lines and granite faces while finding my soul’s reflection in its alpine lakes. It waits for my return so patiently. I am usually not as patient. (more…)