Spring Flowers

A Gift Today

Fresh morning dew crisp
morning air warm jacket my hood up
day beginning smiles
my breath is easier
in the morning it softens my voice
on the inside and out I find myself
jumping into the day (more…)


7 Day Nature Challenge/ Day 2

When this hyacinth first started blooming it was only the tight pine cone like center. I noticed it right away and thought it was an odd flower I had never seen before. (more…)

Flowers On Friday: Daffodil

Fresh yellow on green, a happy spring start.

What a surprise to see daffodils pop up in my neighbor’s yard this week. I guess it is official and spring is really here, in the midst of what still feels like winter. The daylight is brighter, glad to see these flowers know more than me.

According to “The Language of Flowers”, the daffodil carries the following meaning: (more…)

One Four Challenge: March wk 2

Week 2 is here, this week I stuck with Lightroom for my edits. I am sure I will get back to FotoSketcher before the month is over. I did a lot of experimenting and I was actually getting a bit frustrated, not because I couldn’t find a nice edit. Instead, there are so many possibilities I couldn’t get any traction in any one direction. But, this is one of the edits that came out of the experiments. (more…)