Dew Whispers

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Arcata CA

You make it
Look so easy, your grace
Jumping in

With two feet so sure
I will catch you (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art


Sierra Madre Canyon, Sierra Madre CA

My book cover (still a dream, not yet a reality) for my writings.

Title: Connections Magnified, A Poetic Journey

Author/Photographer: C. L. Browne

The pages will include writings (poetry, inspirational writings, stories), photographs and some of my artwork mixed in to the tiny details of each page too. This cover image symbolizes how I see our natural world. The deeper I look the more beauty I see. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Wildflowers from Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you reaching for
Do you plan to explore
Will you remember to sing
Will you feel less pain
Needs you (more…)

Free Falling


**Just when I thought my family was relatively settled and life was flowing into a new normal…I unexpectedly found myself in a free fall. It has been a week, to the day, since I wrote this. I didn’t have a web connection until today. I am hopeful that my posts and my life, will from this point forward, be more consistent. Hope, is the operative word, here. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

We are here, we have arrived safely. It took 14 hours, at 55 mph, to drive a loaded 24 foot Budget truck (loaded solely by my husband and I) with a 16 foot car trailer and our other car following behind, 650 miles. (more…)

A Break

Photo By: Carrie

Summer break has officially begun. My blog will be on a summer schedule too. There is too much going on…kids all home 24/7, husband in the field for 4 straight weeks, selling/packing up our house while my husband is away, moving 631 miles North next month. It is enough to make my head spin, but I am happy about it all too. (more…)