Photography 101- (Days 1-5)

The Dailypost started a new month-long challenge this month, Photography 101. When I started this blog, about 7 months ago, I thought I would be writing a lot. I am writing, but where I find myself gravitating towards is learning as much as I can about photography. When I saw this opportunity, I signed up.

What I didn’t think about was how I would merge it into my blog. I am so excited about the new challenge I am participating in, hosted by Captivate Me, called the One Four Challenge. I love participating each week in the Monochrome Madness challenge hosted on Leanne Cole’s Blog and many weeks I find I take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post as well. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Photo By: Carrie

My neighborhood poses so many “Between” relationships. Built into a canyon between two towering hillsides, the homes are thoughtfully built between the trees. A creek runs between the middle of the canyon, and splits the neighborhood. In some cases a resident will park their car on one side of the creek and walk a bridge over to their home. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Photo By: Carrie

A deserted day-use picnic area is a perfect place to bike ride as a family. I loved finding this area gated off, we didn’t have to worry about cars coming around a corner or keeping our boys on a tight leash. We could all just ride. (more…)