Photo Editing

One Four Challenge: July wk 1

Photo By: Carrie

I must apologize for not posting in the last week of June. My family and I decided, rather last-minute, that we were going to take a 14 day road trip. We are just back from our trip, it was a wonderful way to kick of the summer. (more…)

One Four Challenge: June Week 2


I have enjoyed experimenting this week with this pretty leaf. I decided to crop out the tree branch from last week making my eye focus more on the intricate details of the leaf veins. I also warmed up the image and did a bit to the coloring hues and image itself to make it stand out like I wanted it to. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Getting Closer

Photo By: Carrie

If you are familiar with this blog you know that as much as I love photographing trees I am equally fond of getting as close as I can to flowers. Like nose in, acting like a bee, laying on my stomach, becoming one with the ground, close. I drool over macro images I see in my reader and think…man, I have macro lens envy. (more…)

One Four Challenge: June week 1

Photo By: Carrie

It is always a mystery which image I am going to choose each month. But, usually there is an image that keeps showing up in my mind when the first week of a new month gets closer and I am thinking of this challenge. This image was the loudest this past week. (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 4


Another month complete, I enjoyed working on this photograph this month. I hope you enjoyed the transformation.

This week I went for an old school California postcard feeling. I started with the black and white version from week 1 and started playing around. (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 3

This week I decided to play with Robyn’s suggestion from last week. She gave me the idea to bring together the black and white version from week 1 and the watercolor from week 2. Since I don’t use Photoshop and we all know Lightroom doesn’t have a layering feature I was rather skeptical that I would get a result that I liked.

One Four Challenge: May week 2

I am not sure why I am at all surprised, I thought this image would be a nice, easy first month back from the break. But, as I have learned with this challenge, it is a true challenge each week I take part. I am not complaining, just noticing how much this challenge really pushes me. I like that.

One Four Challenge: May week 1

Photo By: Carrie

College Cove, Trinidad CA

I am dipping my toes into the One Four Challenge again. We all took a break for the month of April. I thought I would post at least one time looking back on the past five months of entries but I guess I really needed the break.

What have I been doing with my spare time? Taking loads of photographs, enjoying the local beaches, marsh and trails with my boys and finally jumping into manual mode on my new camera. All time well spent. (more…)

Manual Mode Satisfaction

(Please click on an image to view the full details of the leaves)

These are the images I captured last week during a break in a rain shower. This tree sits right outside my sons preschool. The kids run out of the classroom and jump into the trunk of this tree climbing its branches everyday after school lets out. This is one happy tree. (more…)