Pencil Drawing

One Four Challenge- December wk 3

Week 3, for December is here. I must admit, I have wanted to turn one of my images into an art piece for some time. I had not idea how to do it. I have seen many bloggers claim it was easy, just a click or two. But, I didn’t believe them.

Well, now I do. In November’s challenge, Sari, did an oil painting process on her sweet forest mushroom. It was so beautiful and I knew I wanted to choose an image for December where I thought I might be able to try it. She was kind enough to tell me what program she used, I was very happy to see it was free and simple to figure out. I downloaded a copy of FotoSketcher and started playing.

At first I thought I wanted a watercolor, it seemed the most logical transition. You have a few options including the edge threshold, overall contrast and lightening/darkening parameters. There are multiple types of drawing types too from pencil, to pen, many paint mediums and even cartoon options. I used week 2’s version for the starting point.

Photo By: Carrie

I liked the watercolor quite a bit, it was really cool to watch it come to life. But then I tried the pencil sketch 3 (color) option. I really liked it. I fiddled with the contrast, color intensity and brush stroke length some more until I was settled with the results. I will say, it isn’t like Lightroom where your edits are happening in real-time. I would make a change, press “draw”, see what happened, make another change, “draw”, repeat. But, it was great fun.

Photo By: Carrie

I settled on this version, I really appreciate the light reflections.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas, it is great to hear from you and learn. Looking forward to seeing all the other submissions this week as well. If you wondering and interested in getting involved in this challenge, head over to Robyn’s blog Captivate Me HERE, and check out her post with all the details, then scroll to the comments to find other participants or check out the tag “One Four Challenge”.