7 Day Nature Challenge/ Day 5

I thought these images fit both the nature challenge as well as the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week is, “Future” and you can find more images HERE.

When I became a mother, I knew I would encourage my boys through adventure and curiosity to love nature. It is my way of ensuring the future of this beautiful planet is in good hands. And, everyday I work hard to remind them to look and see all the natural beauty that surrounds them. We say good morning to our local river as we drive over on our way to school, they see me looking closely with my camera at tiny pretty things where ever we are walking, they are more aware than I realize sometimes. (more…)

Flowers On Friday: Star Gazer

My husband was sick on Valentine’s Day so I decided to take my oldest son with me to the store to pick out dessert and flowers. He picked up this stem of Star Gazer lilies first, I almost said no. They are so bold and intense, not really my preferred flower. (more…)

WPC: Weight(less)

Heart in your throat chills
wandering up your neck feet
sweating palms heavy
you have done this
before the wilds around you
call you near
to climb on her back and swim
in her lakes as blue
as the clearest sky you see
your reflection
pushing past the fear
one two three

My husband has a thing for alpine lakes, especially in the Sierra. Our family loves this area, Rock Creek within John Muir Wilderness, and we have hiked and camped here with our boys twice. Both times my boys (husband included) braved the frigid waters and got up to their waist in this lake. The first time we were here only my husband jumped in. (more…)

Yellow Brick Road

Photo By: Carrie Moonstone Beach, Trinidad CA

Winds of adventure brought me
here the other day as I arrived
my worries were simply carried

away with the meandering little river
reaching the sea with my boys
joyful glee with the sands

feeling like home in between
my toes where the river ends
and the sea goes out (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Balanced

Photo By: Carrie

This week has rushed by without feeling rushed. We trimmed up two of the 5 redwood clusters in our yard on Wednesday. I had no idea how much work it would be to clear the debris, wow. It was well work the work, the sunset last night was visible due to our clean up and so spectacular my son stood at the window until there was no color left. (more…)