Northern California

Day 9 Prompt- Landscape “Found” Poem Enumeratio

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA

Looking mysteriously north, over tree tops
   The magic seaside confidently big, Pacific
Leaping and curious and daring and creative
     My adventure begins
         Time to pack, I forgot how
Don't forget how to love you to shine
              All wonderful     and sleep
              Red wild          and wish
              Light stars       and care
              Just you tonight  to accept
                                and give
Others see fire and almost night and wish the mystery of their destiny would
Get lost in the magic of the view
But I am living in this blue deep wonderful night sky
     You can too


Black Eyes

Photo By: Carrie

Houda Point, Trinidad CA

Staring you down
Don’t get to close, the wilds
Waves rolling

Find a perch, basque
Into the view feeling
The earth is alive beneath you (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Trinidad CA

I stood here for over 10 minutes, alone. My car parked just up the road on a tight curve. I stood in the middle of the road taking photograph after photograph of mother nature putting on a show. The ocean below singing in wave length tones. A few minutes into this incredible moment I heard a rustling from behind me. It got louder and louder and I realized it was a mudflow from the steep cliff the road was cut from. Luckily there were lots of trees and bushes breaking its slide, I never saw it, just heard it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Photo By: Carrie

A new perspective, beyond
The fence beyond the man-made

At first you peer, eyes only
Over the edge (more…)

631 Miles, North

Photo By: Carrie

A straight road, as if cut from a ruler drawn line. Flat lands filled with grass, cows and drought killed almond trees. Everything planted in a row. It is clear, this road is taking up valuable growing space. Hours have past, still the same scene out the windows, hundreds of miles and the desolate, desperate, sun bleached signs continue (HELP, No One is Listening, We Need Water). (more…)