North Coast California

WPC: Local

I have lived many places and in some cases I didn’t want it known that I was a local. That is not the case with our most recent move, over two years ago now. From the moment we unpacked I was instantly proud to say I live here. I am mostly asked this question when we are frequenting the beaches, although it happens occasionally in the forests too. (more…)

Black Eyes

Photo By: Carrie

Houda Point, Trinidad CA

Staring you down
Don’t get to close, the wilds
Waves rolling

Find a perch, basque
Into the view feeling
The earth is alive beneath you (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

I felt a raindrop, on my cheek and my shoulder, the air temperature instantly sank colder. The sun was still out, for how long was unclear but I was purposefully alone and I wanted to be here. Perhaps I made it, just in time, between storms or perhaps I was about to get soaked. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Trinidad CA

I stood here for over 10 minutes, alone. My car parked just up the road on a tight curve. I stood in the middle of the road taking photograph after photograph of mother nature putting on a show. The ocean below singing in wave length tones. A few minutes into this incredible moment I heard a rustling from behind me. It got louder and louder and I realized it was a mudflow from the steep cliff the road was cut from. Luckily there were lots of trees and bushes breaking its slide, I never saw it, just heard it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Photo By: Carrie

A new perspective, beyond
The fence beyond the man-made

At first you peer, eyes only
Over the edge (more…)

2014 at Dusk

Photo By: Carrie


Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

Reflections on the year are inevitable, for me at least. This morning my mind is flipping through, like an out-of-control Rolodex, all that this past year has offered me. (more…)