A Glimpse into The Canyon

Photo By: Carrie

The road ends in my neighborhood. Mountains act like walls, to keep folks in. There are only tiny glimpses of the world below, millions of people, traffic, concrete for miles and miles. Parking is a problem, the roads are narrow. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Photo By: Carrie

My neighborhood poses so many “Between” relationships. Built into a canyon between two towering hillsides, the homes are thoughtfully built between the trees. A creek runs between the middle of the canyon, and splits the neighborhood. In some cases a resident will park their car on one side of the creek and walk a bridge over to their home. (more…)


My son is out the door, leading the way through our neighborhood, before I can even get our front door closed. The thud of our boots, swish of my rain coat, and the swift moving creek thunders down the wash.¬† The sound of a calm between storms surrounds us. (more…)