Manual Mode Satisfaction

(Please click on an image to view the full details of the leaves)

These are the images I captured last week during a break in a rain shower. This tree sits right outside my sons preschool. The kids run out of the classroom and jump into the trunk of this tree climbing its branches everyday after school lets out. This is one happy tree. (more…)

X-Ray Vision

Photo By: Carrie (click on this image to experience the fine details in this photograph)

It happens, seeing through
sometimes when I least expect to see
through into you
no color hues
no fancy masks to hide
behind your stripped down self
your cells, veins and cellulite (more…)

Thankful Gifts

Week 4 attempt

And the Winner is…week 4!

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

As promised, a poem for Thanksgiving and inspired by the winner of the first One Four Challenge. I hope you fill yourself with grateful moments by this week’s end.

The gift of thanks a common praise
Yet acknowledging all
The special ways your life
Was touched each day
Takes time, each evening before we eat