Seeing Differently Challenge- 6 of 15

What is the beat to your life
what is the hum
in the background moving you
along are you busy so busy you are afraid
you might fall down do you run
from moment to moment with panic in your step
climbing an invisible ladder toward
more regret with so much clutter
and noise you can’t see the sky and the colors growing muted
with each new to do loaded on (more…)

One Four Challenge: June Week 2


I have enjoyed experimenting this week with this pretty leaf. I decided to crop out the tree branch from last week making my eye focus more on the intricate details of the leaf veins. I also warmed up the image and did a bit to the coloring hues and image itself to make it stand out like I wanted it to. (more…)

Climb Up

Photo By: Carrie

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Here again
up with no path
No instructions no way through
or under

Just knowing (more…)

One Four Challenge: June week 1

Photo By: Carrie

It is always a mystery which image I am going to choose each month. But, usually there is an image that keeps showing up in my mind when the first week of a new month gets closer and I am thinking of this challenge. This image was the loudest this past week. (more…)