WPC: Landscape

We recently explored an area outside of Trinidad, CA about a 20 minute drive from our house. Between the wind blowing steady, the waves churning and crashing below us and the uneven ground, all of my senses were wide awake. The power of the ocean was palpable as I sat at the edge of the last bits of solid ground before a drop off into the churning wild waters. (more…)

Day 9 Prompt- Landscape “Found” Poem Enumeratio

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA

Looking mysteriously north, over tree tops
   The magic seaside confidently big, Pacific
Leaping and curious and daring and creative
     My adventure begins
         Time to pack, I forgot how
Don't forget how to love you to shine
              All wonderful     and sleep
              Red wild          and wish
              Light stars       and care
              Just you tonight  to accept
                                and give
Others see fire and almost night and wish the mystery of their destiny would
Get lost in the magic of the view
But I am living in this blue deep wonderful night sky
     You can too


One Four Challenge- December wk 1

The challenge begins again. One image, over four weeks, processed four different ways. If you want to join in, go to Robyn’s blog Captivate Me for all the details. There are many of us participating, you can find Robyn’s week 1 process of December, HERE, as well as links to all the other participants in her comments section.

As I am writing this, I still have no idea what image I am going to choose. I am just getting back from a beautiful adventure with my family. We camped on the North Coast of California, about 2 1/2 hours south of where we live but it is still considered the North Coast. I am still in awe of all that we experienced. I think I will just close my eyes and chose an image, I don’t think I can go wrong.

Photo By: Carrie

Mackerricher State Park, Fort Bragg CA (more…)

Photography 101 (days 15-19)

Now for week 3 of Photography 101. I am really enjoying the themes each day and writing too. I continue to learn and grow and appreciate the continued support of my readers and family. I know this is a long post, but it is a great exercise for me each day. Thanks for following along.


Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Arcata CA (more…)