Day 4: Prompt- Animal Concrete Poetry Enjambment

Photo By: Carrie

Hidden Wings:

                      An intermission in the stormy skies
            Looming, I have a few minutes before my next "have to"
           with my camera jumping out of my pocket I wander simply
           Among the planted garden looking for raindrops glistening on 
          Branches, petals with the hints of fresh sunshine illuminating
             Tiny jewels, my eye catches a damp but wonderful Iris
           Her petals clumped together like chewed purple gum, not much
          Of a wonder and yet I am drawn so I carefully lift her petals
          to uncover her beautiful layers and ruffles to my surprise
                            A creature stirs beneath
                            The petal I just turned
                            I jump with a start
                            Then move in slowly to see
                            A moth hunkered down
                            Trying to weather out
                            The storm he is safe
                            And dry and curious
                            We stare at each other
                            Neither of us move            blink
                            But I did admire his natural abilities
                            For quite a long time my nose to the
                            Petals wondering how long this creature
                              Was quiet listening to the rain
                               Pouring and then it starts