Image Processing

One Four Challenge- January wk 3

Week 3 is here, I am enjoying working with this image. This week, I wanted to try a black and white image but I went a route I have never done before. I used two different programs to get to this result. I was looking to make a black and white pencil drawing or even charcoal sketch, and I think I may have achieved that (Click on the image for the easiest viewing). (more…)

One Four Challenge- December wk 2


Here we are, week 2 of this month’s challenge. I really appreciated the feedback I received from last week. One comment offered the idea of using the ND Filter tool in Lightroom and another suggested bringing out the reeds and grasses in the foreground. As most of you are aware, I am totally new to Lightroom and its tools. So, while I understood what the suggestions where (after some web research) I had no idea how to make them happen. (more…)

One Four Challenge– November wk.1

Robyn Gosby, at Captivate Me is hosting a new challenge called the One Four Challenge. The way it works is, I choose an image that I want to work on for four weeks. I process the image over that span of 4 weeks, 4 different ways. At the end of the four weeks, you (my readers) will have the chance to vote on your favorite image. Of course, I will link this post each week to Robyn’s blog where you can find her entry each week as well as all the other participants work.

I wanted to take part in this challenge for a couple of reasons. One, because I know I will learn a lot. Robyn, is a remarkably talented photographer and I really like how she processes her images, so I know I will learn from her as well as other participants. Two, because I am very new to photography, as an art form, and this is how you grow, by challenging your comfort zone. And, three, I really hope to get some constructive feedback on my processing approach as well as meet others interested in image processing too.

Photo By: Carrie –WEEK 1