Ice Plant

One Four Challenge- February wk 4

Here we are, week 4, again. I can’t believe this is the fourth month of this challenge. I am learning each week and finding easier ways to get to a similar result, which is really exciting for me. (more…)

One Four Challenge– February wk 3

Week 3 already, wow, I should tell you that when I chose this image I tried a couple different versions first to see if I could find at least 3 possibilities before I committed to this image. I thought, oh I am so ahead of things this month, it will feel like a month off. But, I haven’t used a single one of those edits, for various reasons. Mostly because I just keep finding myself tinkering and wanting to learn. (more…)

One Four Challenge: February wk 2

Week 2 of 4 with this image. I went back and forth trying to decide which image to give you this week. I settled on a Valentine inspired flower, since it this pink, heart-loving holiday is this coming Friday.

I had fun with this edit, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, as usual. I knew I wanted to try a color change but I wanted it to look realistic too. There was quite a bit of playing going on here, I even tried some new ideas in LR wondering if they would work and I was pleasantly surprised when they did. (more…)

One Four Challenge: February Wk 1

Photo By: Carrie

Anther month turning over on the calendar means another photograph to learn from. I decided to challenge myself this month with this macro image. It is of an Ice Plant which grows all along the shoreline here. I have seen the blossoms in purple and yellows. This is a very aggressive plant that is not native to this area. (more…)