WPC: Experimental

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “Experimental”. We were asked to provide images about an experimental experience. A couple weeks ago the school I work for had a teacher in-service day, which meant I didn’t have work and my boys who go to a different school did. I had a day to myself in the middle of the week. That is experimental in itself! (more…)

WPC: Atop

Some places stretch the mind others inspire
the body to do more than we ever thought
we can
and when that place does both just ease
in and remember you are standing atop a pocket
where our Earth is giving
something you need to have
within you

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this weeks theme is “Atop” and you can find more entries, HERE. (more…)

MMC- Travel

And she walks
she climbs higher and higher she can’t help but notice
her thin breath the vast expanse
the calm in her step after remarkable step
she can travel beyond her limits
outstretched within the escape of her life
as she knows it and the one right in front of her
at the apex between her breath
coming and going she will glimpse at the truth
that she is the only one
holding herself back (more…)

The Garden (Wildflowers)

Photo By; Carrie

Photo By; Carrie

My heart is always pushing for a walk in the woods. Luckily my youngest son is usually up for a hike as well. I had no idea how many wildflowers would be blooming. It was a pleasant surprise.

The above photograph is of Blue Flax. So dainty and intricate. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Photo By: Carrie

This sign is mysteriously posted on a deep bend on the Chantry Flats trail, in the shade, blending in to the surroundings. The trail at this moment is steep, there are many things to look at other than this sign. If you are coming up the trail your head is down, you are most certainly out of breath, hands on your knees, ready for the hard work to finally be over. If you are on your way down the trail there are birds, trees, huge, steep mountains all asking for you to look them over, embrace your surroundings. Many who pass by don’t see it. (more…)