The Garden (New Leaves)

I was the last one to the car, it happens that way a lot. My eye caught a beautifully lit new tree, I fell even further behind. I could hear my boys nagging me, wondering why I lost my way, again. This tree isn’t far from the car, they will see me when they really want to, I thought to myself. Camera in hand, eyes focused on the glowing, bright green, tender leaves. The juvenile tree’s leaves newly bursting from their winter protection. Leaves ready to spread, grow and receive light. I felt like a spider, weaving my way around this spindly sapling. Every way I focused the light was profound.

And now, after pouring over the images, marveling at what my camera captured I honestly can’t decide which way I prefer them. Color or monochrome.

Photo By: Carrie


The Garden (Green)


*~* I just can’t post today without acknowledging that this blog passed 100 followers last night. I am in awe of the support and encouragement I have received from my fellow bloggers in the barely 6 weeks I have written for this blog. I am learning so much from so many of you. Thank you for seeing something in my words, photographs that made you want to see more. I am simply inspired. *~*