Dreams and hugs tears
and celebrations first kisses
wedding bells sunset views
disappointments regrets too
worries caring too much sitting
under that tree for
an extra long time my husbands
laugh my boys
blue eyes that feeling
in my belly when I know
it is right the roar of a river
the smell of BBQ
the rosewater scent of my grandmother
a backpack’s zipper they all scatter
but together basking in the sunlight
just below the churning mist they are humming
softly with the tides
harmonizing my wild
swift incredible life

Thankful Gifts

Week 4 attempt

And the Winner is…week 4!

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

As promised, a poem for Thanksgiving and inspired by the winner of the first One Four Challenge. I hope you fill yourself with grateful moments by this week’s end.

The gift of thanks a common praise
Yet acknowledging all
The special ways your life
Was touched each day
Takes time, each evening before we eat