85 years

Photograph By: Carrie, Original photograph taken in 1948, my grandparents washing their car.

The day you were born
Eighty-five years ago everything
In this world turned
A little sweeter, your soul
Smiled as you took
Your first breaths spreading love (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

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This is my treasure, an old (like 50+ years, my Dad remembers it in his house growing up), worn, print on canvas. My grandmother hung this above her fireplace in her home. I would stare at it when I was little and sleeping over for a treat at her house. Me lying on the floor on an old army sleeping bag open-faced, posing as a mattress, soft quilts piled on keeping me warm. The glow of a nightlight giving the snow in this painting just a glimmer of light. (more…)