One Four Challenge: May wk3

DSC08885-4_FotoSketcher 2

Week 3

We are on week 3 for our challenge this month. I decided to crop my image this week and bring the focus of the image towards the sunny day and craftsmanship of the Chateau. If you are interested in seeing all the other participants in this challenge, then click HERE. Robyn from Captivate Me hosts this challenge and you will find all the details there too. (more…)

One Four Challenge: July Week 4

Photo By: Carrie (please click on image for full effect)

Well I made it, a few days late but I am okay with that. I hope you are too. My new computer finally arrived and I was quick to get it set up. I have really missed the creative outlet of image processing and the writing that follows. It feels so good to be back at it. (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 3

This week I decided to play with Robyn’s suggestion from last week. She gave me the idea to bring together the black and white version from week 1 and the watercolor from week 2. Since I don’t use Photoshop and we all know Lightroom doesn’t have a layering feature I was rather skeptical that I would get a result that I liked.

One Four Challenge: May week 2

I am not sure why I am at all surprised, I thought this image would be a nice, easy first month back from the break. But, as I have learned with this challenge, it is a true challenge each week I take part. I am not complaining, just noticing how much this challenge really pushes me. I like that.

One Four Challenge- March wk 1

Photo By: Carrie

March is here and so are the poppies. For this month I decided I wanted to explore FotoSketcher more and I found a merging option in FotoSketcher this week, I actually jumped up from my computer and started dancing when I saw it. I have wanted to merge effects easily and now I can. I am looking forward to working on this lovely wind-blown poppy. (more…)

One Four Challenge: January wk. 4

Whew! This week has felt heavy. I thought I had numerous options with this image but as I started working on it over the weeks I was more and more challenged. It is a busy image, which makes cropping challenging.

It did lend itself to many possibilities in the FotoSketcher realm but I felt like I wanted to add my own touch to that option and I ran out of creative ideas I guess. I really wanted this week to layer together the black and white version from last week with this FotoSketcher product of the emergence effect.

Photo By: Carrie

I love this version of my image, the harsh angular brushstrokes really draw me in.

My vision wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t have time to learn GIMP, so I tried a different freeware that ended up slogging up my computer with adware that I wasn’t expecting. So, I never even got to attempt the layering.

Instead I went back to lightroom and week 2’s version. I just started playing and seeing what I liked and came up with this version for this week. There was no inspiration for why I chose what I did. It was just about what I liked in the moment. (best to look at this from bottom to top or click on directly for best viewing results)

Photo By: Carrie


  • Flipped the image horizontally, like I did last week
  • Cropped the image tighter than last week, I like the tighter crop for some reason
  • Sorted out the settings so that I liked them including adding an “aged photo” preset.
  • Adjusted the individual color settings, bringing out the yellows and greens.
  • Used the Adjustment brush tool on the river water, I wanted the water color more pronounced, so I added some contrast, lowered the exposure and added some color temperature too.

There is still a slight painted feel to this image, I like the earthy tones in it. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback. I really appreciated everyone’s input on last week’s new crop and your thoughts on the color vs. black and white. Thank you.

You can find other participants final week’s images on Robyn’s post for this week HERE, just look in the comments. Or you can search your tags with, “One Four Challenge” and you will see everyone’s posts.

If you would be so kind and vote on your favorite image from this past month. I would really appreciate it. I will let you know the results when I start a new image next month.

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One Four Challenge- January wk 3

Week 3 is here, I am enjoying working with this image. This week, I wanted to try a black and white image but I went a route I have never done before. I used two different programs to get to this result. I was looking to make a black and white pencil drawing or even charcoal sketch, and I think I may have achieved that (Click on the image for the easiest viewing). (more…)

One Four Challenge- December wk 3

Week 3, for December is here. I must admit, I have wanted to turn one of my images into an art piece for some time. I had not idea how to do it. I have seen many bloggers claim it was easy, just a click or two. But, I didn’t believe them.

Well, now I do. In November’s challenge, Sari, did an oil painting process on her sweet forest mushroom. It was so beautiful and I knew I wanted to choose an image for December where I thought I might be able to try it. She was kind enough to tell me what program she used, I was very happy to see it was free and simple to figure out. I downloaded a copy of FotoSketcher and started playing.

At first I thought I wanted a watercolor, it seemed the most logical transition. You have a few options including the edge threshold, overall contrast and lightening/darkening parameters. There are multiple types of drawing types too from pencil, to pen, many paint mediums and even cartoon options. I used week 2’s version for the starting point.

Photo By: Carrie

I liked the watercolor quite a bit, it was really cool to watch it come to life. But then I tried the pencil sketch 3 (color) option. I really liked it. I fiddled with the contrast, color intensity and brush stroke length some more until I was settled with the results. I will say, it isn’t like Lightroom where your edits are happening in real-time. I would make a change, press “draw”, see what happened, make another change, “draw”, repeat. But, it was great fun.

Photo By: Carrie

I settled on this version, I really appreciate the light reflections.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas, it is great to hear from you and learn. Looking forward to seeing all the other submissions this week as well. If you wondering and interested in getting involved in this challenge, head over to Robyn’s blog Captivate Me HERE, and check out her post with all the details, then scroll to the comments to find other participants or check out the tag “One Four Challenge”.