WPC: Experimental

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “Experimental”. We were asked to provide images about an experimental experience. A couple weeks ago the school I work for had a teacher in-service day, which meant I didn’t have work and my boys who go to a different school did. I had a day to myself in the middle of the week. That is experimental in itself! (more…)

She May Fall

And she falls within her tears
cascading tender curiosity
and honesty driving her down into the abstract
where doubt and shadow may dwell but that is in the past
where she may find answers to today to the burden
welling up she may uncover (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

My younger son lost his toy of the moment, as he ran down his favorite steep hill, just as we made our way out of the forest. He is careless with things, even his most prized things. This is simply because he is always in the moment, he drops anything for the next moment. (more…)