Seeing Differently Challenge- 8 of 15

There is a deepness
to the morning as dew and fog lifts
with the anticipation of warmth
from the sun and the moon
still holding up the sky with a slight yellow glimmered smile
so many hurry past within
their cars cooped up and wrapped still warm in their beds
but the dawn has so much (more…)

Day 5: Prompt- Fog Elegy Metaphor

Photo By: Carrie

Mad River State Beach, CA

Mama Fog:
I remember waking up clearheaded
Rested days as individuals
Not running together endlessly my schedule
Was undecided and carefree
There was no looming cloud-filled thoughts (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Photo By: Carrie

I must admit, I was highly challenged by this theme. I don’t usually see images this way. I like to capture the big picture even if it is in a tiny detail of a flower. But, I love minimalist images, they are inviting, tell a story simply and there is a beautiful artistic quality to many of them. (more…)