Flowers On Friday

Flowers On Friday- Earth Day

I find myself often reflecting on our beautiful Earth. Her gentle hues, deep winds and vast expressions all blended in constant motion and waiting for us to behold. Today, I will continue to admire her and open my boys eyes to her greatness so they will hopefully continue to see our lovely Earth as something worth their time to explore, enjoy and preserve. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Hyacinth

UPDATE: Chris and Robyn both think this is a hyacinth, so I am going with it. It did smell divine when I was photographing it.

I find so many flowers that I love while walking, hiking or even driving by. Many times I stop and try to capture their personality, I try to carry my camera with me as much as I can. Sadly, I don’t know the names of so many flowers and I feel like I am doing them an injustice by not knowing. So, if any of you happen to know what this flower is, please tell me. I will update my title accordingly.

The Language of Flowers dictionary defines Hyacinth by color, each color has a different definition. If you were to give the purple hyacinth in a bouquet it is defined as “please forgive me”. (more…)

Flowers On Friday: Pastels

I learned quite a bit yesterday about how to pick my focus point with my camera. It was fun to play with where I wanted to emphasize the focus. I also finally figured out how to see if what I was looking at was truly in focus, it helps to know that of course. Before I would just eye it because I didn’t know there was another way to do it. Seeing the focus point magnified on the screen is incredibly helpful. (more…)

Flowers On Friday: Star Gazer

My husband was sick on Valentine’s Day so I decided to take my oldest son with me to the store to pick out dessert and flowers. He picked up this stem of Star Gazer lilies first, I almost said no. They are so bold and intense, not really my preferred flower. (more…)