Fall Colors

WPC: H2O and SDC- 4 of 15

I love the often intricate reflections on water. I am not one to like to stare into the mirror for any length of time but I am always willing to give a water reflection as much time as I can. What a surprise to find so many jewel tones within this reflection in our backyard. An old tire has many uses. (more…)

One Four Challenge- November wk 4

The culmination of four weeks of tinkering, exploring and learning. Here are my four different images, and the original as well. I will include a poll at the end of the post, where you can vote on your favorite. I’ll write a poem inspired by the winning image and post it on Thanksgiving.

This week I just started clicking and sliding away. I decided at some point something interesting would appear, and if not, I would just return to the original and start again. (more…)

One Four Challenge- November wk. 3

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

Week 3, I have played and dabbled with this image and learned a lot in the process. I think I really like the additions, although maybe I went overboard. Not sure yet, what I will do for next week. There are possibilities of course. If you see something in this image that is popping out at you, I am all ears. I really am very new to reworking an image. I usually work on it, let it sit, work a bit more and then leave it…never to touch-up again. (more…)

One Four Challenge– November wk.1

Robyn Gosby, at Captivate Me is hosting a new challenge called the One Four Challenge. The way it works is, I choose an image that I want to work on for four weeks. I process the image over that span of 4 weeks, 4 different ways. At the end of the four weeks, you (my readers) will have the chance to vote on your favorite image. Of course, I will link this post each week to Robyn’s blog where you can find her entry each week as well as all the other participants work.

I wanted to take part in this challenge for a couple of reasons. One, because I know I will learn a lot. Robyn, is a remarkably talented photographer and I really like how she processes her images, so I know I will learn from her as well as other participants. Two, because I am very new to photography, as an art form, and this is how you grow, by challenging your comfort zone. And, three, I really hope to get some constructive feedback on my processing approach as well as meet others interested in image processing too.

Photo By: Carrie –WEEK 1