Something Brewing

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Bottoms, Arcata CA

The clouds were churning, collecting, amassing into a thick lid ready to close tight. I picked up my son from school and took a detour home. As I turned left, towards “the bottoms” I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to chase the clouds. I gave my boys, both wide-eyed in the backseat, a run down of my expectations. I wanted to photograph the clouds and maybe some farms too and I needed their cooperation. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

We are here, we have arrived safely. It took 14 hours, at 55 mph, to drive a loaded 24 foot Budget truck (loaded solely by my husband and I) with a 16 foot car trailer and our other car following behind, 650 miles. (more…)

631 Miles, North

Photo By: Carrie

A straight road, as if cut from a ruler drawn line. Flat lands filled with grass, cows and drought killed almond trees. Everything planted in a row. It is clear, this road is taking up valuable growing space. Hours have past, still the same scene out the windows, hundreds of miles and the desolate, desperate, sun bleached signs continue (HELP, No One is Listening, We Need Water). (more…)


The weekend
Is here, nothing scheduled
On purpose
Taking a drive, around
So many curves, winding
Up through the clouds, up
The deepest blue sky, mountain tops
Sky reaching pines, the boys
Singing “Country Roads”
Doughnut sugar stuck
To their cheeks
The parking lot empty, at least
I hope
We are usually the only ones
Who care to explore

Photo By: Carrie