Crab Apple Blossom

WPC: Dense

Seasonally prolific bursting fresh
purely blooming beauties cluster
with wonder softening anyone’s voice that draws
near all those winter thoughts a stuck heavy thick dense muck
becomes overrun with anticipation
scents of fresh air and longer days
a golden lit evening undeniable in its magical potential to churn you (more…)

Intimate Spring

I am drawn to
your vulnerability
pastel hues sun dripping rain
showers an outside awakening
calling from the window
to open to the freshness
cool damp breeze
softly touching every new leaf
now dancing
with the bees an undercurrent
of endless growth revving
Up everyone!
still in winter and asleep

It is hard to believe, but Monochrome Madness is almost at its second anniversary. This was my runner-up to the challenge for April “Up Close”, which happens to fall on the MMC anniversary. You will have to come back next Wednesday to see my entry. (more…)

Flowers On Friday: Pastels

I learned quite a bit yesterday about how to pick my focus point with my camera. It was fun to play with where I wanted to emphasize the focus. I also finally figured out how to see if what I was looking at was truly in focus, it helps to know that of course. Before I would just eye it because I didn’t know there was another way to do it. Seeing the focus point magnified on the screen is incredibly helpful. (more…)


When we bought our house in October this tree was bare. It made sense at the time but as we have started to look over our yard we were pretty convinced it was dead. I had to talk my husband out of cutting it down actually, I am glad I was persuasive enough to have him wait until summer. (more…)