Clam Beach

Day 2: Prompt- Journey Limerick

Photo By: Carrie

Blowing Forty:

On this day I am witness to forty years blowing by

All I can do is embrace the pace and sigh

Over the hill, I am willing to keep climbing

Clouding over skies, perfect timing

My arms outstretched wind howling this time, I am ready to fly (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

I felt a raindrop, on my cheek and my shoulder, the air temperature instantly sank colder. The sun was still out, for how long was unclear but I was purposefully alone and I wanted to be here. Perhaps I made it, just in time, between storms or perhaps I was about to get soaked. (more…)

2014 at Dusk

Photo By: Carrie


Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

Reflections on the year are inevitable, for me at least. This morning my mind is flipping through, like an out-of-control Rolodex, all that this past year has offered me. (more…)