Redwood Ripple

The past couple weeks have felt like a bit of a blur. My focus and feelings are a bit like this redwood bark, wavy and unpredictable. I have experienced some troubling vertigo episodes recently, 2 major ones in the last 3 weeks. Each have taken more than a week to recover from. (more…)

My 300th Post and Excerpts of 10 Days of Poetry

First off, wow, I can’t believe I have written 300 posts for this blog. A little over a year ago I set out to carve out a space to write, to explore my photography and here it is…carved out and eagerly waiting for me to share with almost 400 of you, my followers. (more…)

2014 at Dusk

Photo By: Carrie


Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

Reflections on the year are inevitable, for me at least. This morning my mind is flipping through, like an out-of-control Rolodex, all that this past year has offered me. (more…)

Favorite Trees of 2014

On this eve of Christmas, from The Shady Tree, to you, a huge thank you! The Shady Tree is not yet a year old, but I can’t believe how much it has grown. All of your lovely comments, encouragement, guidance and support, honestly, it is an incredible force. There are almost 300 of you, wow. And, my inspiration to write and share in this space grows with each passing week.

I am looking forward to continuing the conversation into the New Year…see you there!

A Break

Photo By: Carrie

Summer break has officially begun. My blog will be on a summer schedule too. There is too much going on…kids all home 24/7, husband in the field for 4 straight weeks, selling/packing up our house while my husband is away, moving 631 miles North next month. It is enough to make my head spin, but I am happy about it all too. (more…)

Beautiful Blogs

Last Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment in my “about” page from litadoolan offering me a blogger award “The Beautiful Blogger Award” and many kind sentiments towards this new blog of mine.

Lita is a beautiful writer and so kind in her comments. She really takes time to read, to think over the words she has read and then respond. I really appreciate her continual support of my words and photographs. She is a play-write at heart and beautifully weaves dialogue through her words seamlessly. Please go and see for yourselves, she is a gem of a writer.

To accept this award I must offer it to seven blogs. Here it is: