Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

WPC: Path

One can never see far
enough into the path of our life
so much longing to know when, when
will it end when can I see more when
will I have enough when will I veer off
when can I stop walking when (more…)


Tidal Mud

Sloppy sticky goop slogging
muck covered up when the moon
demands the tide up looking
out the harshness fades my eyes relax
no more squinting today no more
shallow breaths no more fear (more…)

Ahead of the Rain

Our skies have continuously filled with rain clouds for what feels like months. I promise, I am not complaining, we need all this rain. I saw a statistic that in the past 3 months we have had 29 inches of rain. No wonder I feel damp and our rivers are flooding their banks.

On Saturday it wasn’t raining just yet so my family wandered our local marsh for an hour. The churning skies spoke of impending rain and our pace quickened near the end as the drops began. (more…)