Angeles National Forest

Reach for the Sun

Photo By: Carrie

A 150 ft Solar Tower, at the top of Mount Wilson and part of the Mount Wilson Observatory.

I have only seen one other Solar Tower (at Kit Peak in Tucson Arizona), it wasn’t anywhere near as dramatic. The craziest part about sun telescopes is the telescope or at least the part where the scientists sit to view and observe what the telescope records is 4 stories underground. A spiraling staircase, winding down and down more than 50 ft into the Earth. In the case of Kit Peak, it was not vertical, it was at an angle and bore directly into the mountain.

I knew instantly when I saw this tower that I wanted to try this image in monochrome. I love the airplane trail in the sky to the left of the tower and the darkened trees surrounding the tower too. It was such a dramatic scene.

**It is Monochrome Madness time again. This is my entry for this week. Please take a look at Laura Macky’s and Leanne Cole’s entries as well as the entire collection of entries. The images are always incredible.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Photo By: Carrie

A deserted day-use picnic area is a perfect place to bike ride as a family. I loved finding this area gated off, we didn’t have to worry about cars coming around a corner or keeping our boys on a tight leash. We could all just ride. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Historic West Fork Ranger Station. Build in 1900 by Ranger Louie Newcomb. This was the very first Forest Service ranger station in the San Gabriel Mountains and only the second build in the entire United States. It cost the Forest Service $75.00 to build. (more…)