Redwood National Park

Emerald Wings

Photo By: Carrie

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Forest whispers held in
Raindrop drips waiting
On emerald wings
For the one who looks
Deeper and hears secrets in
The rain (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Photo By: Carrie

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

My breath feels
Weighted my eyes fixed
Into the sprawling (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Prairie Creek State Park, CA

My son ran ahead on the trail, so far ahead I thought for a moment I had lost him. I started running along the trail feeling torn between moving past all the beauty and tiny details and needing to find my son. The silhouette of his head, I would recognize it anywhere, finally popped into view as I wound around the last bend in the trail. I could hardly believe how far ahead of me he was.  What prompted me to run was about to come true, he was just about to dart out into the road. Our car was parked on the other side, he wanted to reunite with my husband and his brother. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Photo By: Carrie

The Big Tree, Prairie Creek State Park

Yourself with love
And light with joy
And sorrow dig deep into
Pain and fright express fully (more…)

Favorite Trees of 2014

On this eve of Christmas, from The Shady Tree, to you, a huge thank you! The Shady Tree is not yet a year old, but I can’t believe how much it has grown. All of your lovely comments, encouragement, guidance and support, honestly, it is an incredible force. There are almost 300 of you, wow. And, my inspiration to write and share in this space grows with each passing week.

I am looking forward to continuing the conversation into the New Year…see you there!