Healing Tears

A quiet smile a warm forgiving heart
secure arms her hugs are like warm bread just out of the oven
her attention always casting
on where her presence is most important she puts one foot
in front of the other
even in the stormiest of weather her inner strength
guided by her faith and motherly instincts
she is the friend that shows up
in the thickest of life’s challenges driving/flying/hiking miles
to be there
to give, to be not afraid of the messy emotional muck
that surely gets most of us stuck
the shoulder necessary for your head to be ready to rest
she is calm she is funny she is up for life’s twists
above all she is love in all its forms
love from the heavens love
from her heart love from the Earth rooting us to ourselves
and today in this moment of need
may she feel all the incredibly selfless ways she has given
come back to her body
back to her heart back
to her steps one after the other lifting
her soothing her caring for herself so she may heal
from the inside out

— A dear family friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. It was only fitting for me to write a poem around her inner beauty and this image I captured on New Year’s Day feels connected to. Maybe it is the perfect spherical drops, maybe the reflection of itself in one of the drops, maybe it is the state of the decaying flower, maybe it is the connected web or maybe it is all of it. May the New Year bring healing and grace to all who seek it.


  1. A lovely image and words. You’ve captured the goodness of your friend, and I too, hope that all that goodness is returned to her as she works through this health challenge.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your friend and what a heartfelt wish for her health. She has given so much; surely those acts of kindness will fly to her and help her heal. The photograph is perfect, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    1. Janet, thank you for reading and noticing all the details of this special friend. She is indeed a giver! I hope she finds health and peace in this year to come!

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