WPC: 2017 Favorites

A WordPress challenge to choose a favorite photograph from this past year, I tried. Instead it led me to pick 12 photographs. Each with a story, each sharing the hope for detailed adventures coupled with an outpouring of powerful solitude. I am ever grateful for this space…to come to when I need to write and notice the details of a scene I wouldn’t otherwise dig into. I’d love to hear if you found a favorite within this grouping of 12. And, if you are interested in the story behind an image, please ask. I’m happy to share stories with you.

I know I’ve been less predictable with my sharing and writing but that is only because I continue to strive to notice how it feels to share. Some weeks I am ready and the flow of wanting to share grows abundantly and other weeks there is more of a need to be still and hold my thoughts, words close. No matter, looking back on this year where loss and love were abundant. I  see first and foremost the breadth of beauty I’ve captured. I feel I can only pause and acknowledge what a gift it is to live, share, cultivate and honor each day. And I hope, those who continue to read and support this space of mine find a moment within each day in the coming year to stop and notice their own unique look at the beauty around you too.

Happiest New Year wishes! For more “Favorites” please click, HERE.



  1. Beautiful photographs. I know what you mean about the year. Mine has been a bit tough also and sometimes it seems impossible to wrap words around things. Best wishes for the new year.

    1. Hello Kate, and thank you. I’m sorry your year was also met with hardship. I’ve decided it is just what is, you can’t feel the light of life without the darkness. And, I embrace that. But, I have also found being honest about it, taking care of my expression (like photography, words, sharing) is most important when faced with deep challenge. May this new year bring hope and light your way. Take Care.

  2. These are lovely images, Carrie. Duality in our life seems unavoidable: toughness on one side bliss on the other. Photography captures this so well. Great idea to look back and select 12 photos that encapsulate your year. I might have to do the same.

    1. Hello Chris, thank you! I do agree and honor both the light and darkness of living through a full year. And, I like your comment about photography being a portal to these feelings…that is so true. I look forward to seeing your 12 images as well. It is fun to take a look back. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photographs you selected and for your words and kind wishes, Carrie. My favorite is the first; it tells a story to me. The one I’d like to hear your story for is the last. Looking forward to hearing it.

    1. Hello Janet, thank you for asking! The last photograph is from a place called Trinidad Head. We took a walk there on Thanksgiving this year. It is a special place to walk, with sweeping views of the coast and whales swimming by. We always stop at this spot and name all the beaches we enjoy if we look up the coast north. There is Trinidad State Beach, College Cove, Elk Head, the blowhole and my youngest remarked how he really wants to climb to the rock we have yet to make it to. It is the dominate Island with trees on it just offshore. At very low tide, you can walk out to it. So, I am sure we will be finding our way out there soon as I’m watching the tide charts carefully.
      The other story with this image is that I’ve had a photo editing software that I found for free called the Efex Pro suite. It has a grouping of editing tools for black and white and color images. I have only used it for black and white’s and with great success. The color version was harder to figure out. This is the first image I’ve edited in the color efex pro and I’ve had this software for at least 3 years! When I saw what it could do, I was blown away. I’ve since learned how to use it more easily and enjoy editing my images even more than before. They come to life in a new way and that is exciting.

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