Something Greater

The hum
of a vision, effort
woven into a work of art
dew weighting down the tiniest of tendrils
one strand on its own, only a line
easily torn
but in time and with great effort and care
each well placed line becomes something greater
when strung together holding hands
holding on through the evening
chill and winds blowing from the north, testing
the strength of so much gathered between two grass lengths
grown tall from the summer sun
now holding up this web of detailed wondrous
intentional mesmerizing
a masterpiece

** Today I find myself sickened to my core and grasping at some piece of truth to wrap my heart around. And, as I look at this beautiful web I found on a walk yesterday morning I see what I need to see. We as a human collective have such great power to either tend to and see the delicate beauty around us, depending on us, trying to adapt to us or we can choose to only see ourselves. And when we see only us, only one, only me and act as one against many we crush, destroy, deflate and drain the beauty and safety the greater collective web depends on and shares with us. With one act, it is undone. I am not sure how much longer we will be given a seat within this greater web with how many times we have chosen to disregard our place in it.


  1. Amen and amen, Carrie, you speak for me with your poem and the following comments about your feelings and concerns. Thank you for so openly and honestly capturing your thoughts and mine.

    1. It is so nice to hear that you felt that what I was saying is what you want to say. I am feeling an urge to speak louder…thank you for noticing, Janet.

  2. The image and your poem meld beautifully.
    Your post poem thoughts are a perfect statement of how many of us feel about the devastation, not only of Vegas, but of every other horrific act. And that we never seem to be able to do anything about those acts. Thoughts and prayers are not enough

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