Beauty’s Roar

The softest of peach flavored shades
can not quiet the roar
of the waves pounding the shore drumming
deeply where you feel it in your chest, I want

I just drop to my knees
into the sand making myself stop
in the face of this beautiful roar
enjoying the relentless going of another day

There is so much to take in here, reflections
muffled by shadows creeping pounding waves
drowning the quiet flow of the end
today clouds instantly appearing footprints

Getting washed away
birds with intention flying past
my knees sink a little further into the sand
and I know I must continue

On down the beach toward my family toward
the evening toward the unknown day tomorrow, but
not just yet
now I honestly wish I could

Close my ears instead of my eyes
so the ocean thought-soaked roar fades
and the beauty has its moment, quietly
one last time today


  1. Your photograph and words combine to skillfully portray two competing forces: an ocean of unrelenting waves and sunset sky unlimited. Your eyes saw it, your ears heard it, and you recorded its wonder for us.

    1. Ah, thank you. The roar of the waves are always rather loud at this beach, they are untamed and come and go with force. And yet, the softening sky and peach-dream colors were competing with the roar so fiercely that evening. I was overwhelmed at moments as I walked back to the car, much more slowly than my family! I had to see who would win at least within me.

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