WPC: Layered

I don’t think it is possible
to communicate
all the layers all the colors all the ways
a person is made up
each experience each intention layered together within
giving the impression of a foundation to stand upon
to solidly live from
some of us forget
about our layers our foundation for a time and wander around

Feeling lost and overrun
but in this moment give yourself a gift and notice
how many ways
you have added to your layered beauty
all the kindness
all the love
all the dinners cooked or hugs
when tempers flared or trauma sank in
when you noticed another suffering

Challenging your “shoulds”
opening to your heart
all these ways we grow
that solid foundation of who we intrinsically are
standing tall standing proud standing hopeful within a crowd
that together when we know our own peace
we can make room for others to stand with us too
spreading that feeling of knowing
easily down the road

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, “Layered”, you can find more entries HERE. This image was captured at Sunset Bay in Oregon.

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