Inside Me

This morning as the rain begins
its relentless seasonal soaking of the ground
the warm bright light
is left to shine behind the thick lid of clouds

I notice myself shifting from looking
out the window
to looking inside myself
a shift as gentle as waking up

Hand at my heart I feel a warmth
similar to the sun on a summer evening, I notice
I bring love around me, I wait
now my shoulders soften my breath finds

Its way my head begins to rest
lowered into my body as close to my heart as it can get
and my legs rooted
quickly behind my closed eyes there is beauty

Quiet lingering wisdom curious thoughts I hear laughter
an inside out smile glides onto my face
and now I am ready
for this dreary day


  1. Oh, I love this because I recognize the nature-motivated moment when I, too become more aware of my inner workings than the outer world. I experience it most deeply in the time of the winter solstice, but it can appear suddenly and briefly in any season. Carrie, your words captured what I thought was a secret part of me.

    1. Knowing that you understand the unique self-love described in this poem just warms my heart. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and “get it”. Thank you!

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