WPC- Waiting

Up with only a hint
of light we all spring from our sleeping bags
we made a pact the night before
we would be up before the sun
we grabbed warm hats the cook stove some tea
and cups and our bear canisters too
anxiously walking up above our camp
hoping to see the first rays not quite touching the peaks yet

We were in luck
we settled in noticing the stars beginning to dim
the wisps of clouds lighting up
like glow-sticks when first cracked
none of us moved or took in a deep breath
as the Earth began her morning routine and we were on top of what felt like so much
waiting to see her rays
warm us embrace us expanding into the day
together the waiting was just as lovely
as the anticipation of a beautiful morning

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is “waiting”. You can find more entries HERE.

Over Labor Day Weekend I had the pleasure of hiking quite a few mile with these two beautiful women. On our last morning we got up early and enjoyed the view for longer than usual. I won’t soon forget the quiet, the whispered conversations, the warm tea and most especially the feeling of knowing I was exactly where I should be.

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