The Water Calls

Come dip your toes erase
the perfect stillness get comfortable stay
awhile allow the crispness of my waters
to fold around you to enliven your cells
to remind you of when you were younger, please
aren’t I inviting?
I know you hear me calling I know you see
my wonder you stand at my shores where ever you go
looking yearning hoping quietly waiting but it is so clear
to me this morning
that what you seek
will only be found
on the inside of both of us
together embracing each other
as we both uniquely are

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness challenge. I’ve been enjoying some self reflective time and camping with my family during the past few challenges. This is Crater Lake, not the National Park of course but instead a lovely lake near Lassen National Park. We camped here twice this summer and I was surprised to notice that both times were were there time felts slow and easy. I really felt like we’d enjoyed a lengthy vacation and we were only there for 2 nights each. We’ll be back next summer I’m sure.

You can find all the entries for this week, HERE.


  1. I enjoyed the unusual perspective of this poem with the lake talking directly to you. Very nice. And I’m glad you and your family have found an uncrowded place that refreshes you.

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