Through the smokey haze of a warming world
we climbed up
the to the summit with thousands of others
unpacked our handmade viewers

Snacks and water found a safe place
for our viewing pleasure there was uncertainty
adventure scientific discoveries and wonder drumming
in the distance sun themed music tunes

Playing on repeat
and people smiling as they looked up
at the sun dimmed by the moon a captivating sight
my boys transfixed to the pinhole shadow cast

Commenting on the shape the brightness the shadow crawling
changing and the feeling
it was getting darker and cooler with time
their wonder turning to concern

When they thought about
what it might have been like to be an unknowing Native American
who woke up and went about their day
and then daylight started to fade fall away

A shadow casting itself so wide it would feel like there is no end
and all my boys could think
was that they too would expect that the world was ending
we were glad we knew different

Together we marveled and whoa’ed
and on the way home I told stories of my dad’s wonder
for such things and how he would have talked about this day forever
if only he could have seen it in person

And as we wound down and around
our way back to sea level our heads officially out of the clouds
I most certainly felt a deeper connection
that continued to grow as the day moved on

Between myself
my boys
and the great cosmos
that surround this lovely planet we live on


    1. Hello, lexiebrookeblog thank you for taking time to comment. I really appreciate it. I find the photographs I take are not complete without the words that accompany them. Usually the photograph is first (like in this case) but other times the words are and the photograph finds me! It is a fun process and I’m glad you enjoyed this pairing. Have a great day.

  1. This is a delightful retelling of the eclipse experience you had with your boys. I’m glad that your thoughts reached out to your dad and you talked about him as well.

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