WPC: Ooh, Shiny!

It used to be the tiniest
flower sweetly waiting for someone
to notice her
with details exploding and my nose pressed

close breath held lens fixed and so much
to notice but lately my eyes have found
themselves distracted by something
else entirely, those rippled lines

directing my thoughts and worries out
into a body of water
the ocean the lake the puddle the rivers wake
all sounds cease to be heard by my ears, I feel

a calmness take over my limbs
and I walk instantly toward the crisp sparkled linear lines
expressing themselves
and I try to capture the marvelous

feeling of directional pull
they are conducting with me
up and down I bend finding
the angle the closeness the expression of longing

and noticing within me
the feeling of a kindred happiness
that we are both
seen enjoyed expressed encouraged enlivened, today

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week the theme is “Ooh, Shiny!”. Not in the sense of shinny, sparkling instead what makes you stop what you are doing and redirects your attention, like an instinctual urge. You can find more entries, HERE.


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