More of This

Free to be with the clouds
and blue skies calming hearing
the aspen leaves quaking feeling the warm sun
inviting my eyes to close my breath
to slow my dreams to float and reshape themselves
into what needs to be in this moment this instance
this experience
and as I open my eyes to catch a glimpse of each
one of them becoming something
more than just a thought I am sure
I see their lift-off
from my mind toward the great sky and cosmic moon
and easily my eyes close simply
ready to dream some more

I’ve been away, in many ways. Away from writing, from the world, from my family, from myself. Slowly, I can see how to get back. And, I can see why I left. But, the sky always gives me peace and a place to put big thoughts and feelings and I spent a long while these past few days staring up and taking in as much as I could and I do feel better, today.

Please take a moment, comments encouraged.

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