WPC: Satisfaction

Up at dawn packs on only
essentials and some expectations to try on
breath deep as the trail steepens its grade
kids strong happy to climb
on sunlight showing its end
nearing but there is more to see more to share
more to explore expand exonerate within
and around us we all get a little carried away
with the echoing wall and want to stay
feeling small noticing the circling
birds, the building thunderheads, Mount Shasta
showing her whole-self as the silence overwhelms
our voices and satisfaction finds its way
deeply into our unsuspecting
day today

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, Satisfaction. You can find more entries, HERE.

A trip into the mountains, backpacking as a family. There is nothing more satisfying to me. We wandered up this granite wall our first night after dinner. Our campsite is very near the bare spot on the right hand side of the lake below. Seeing my boys explore and enjoy themselves so freely, it was a remarkably satisfying trip.


  1. I especially enjoyed “as the silence overwhelms our voices” because I have experienced the feeling that we should hush or silence our human voices and listen to the world. It’s good to be back, Carrie.

    1. So nice to hear from you, Janet. Thank you and yes! That feeling of needing to hush, it is one of my favorite parts of being well within the wilderness.

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